The budget deficit continues to grow. Added to that figure, the uncertainty to follow the impact of the Pandemic on future funding. The Board's challenge will be to make cuts while maintaining the quality of education throughout the school's departments and programs.

Capital Projects:

Many of the buildings on campus require infrastructure work, including major renovation to the Physical Education Building. Funding cannot be expected from the severely stretched General Fund. Therefore, a combination of sources will have to come into play, including state support and bond measures.

Declining Enrollment:

Since its peak in 2009, SBCC enrollment has decreased by 36%. With "Promise Programs" established at 2-year colleges statewide, and with the Pandemic keeping families closer to home, SBCC can work on recruiting and retaining more local students, including greater partnership with our local public schools.

Diversity & Equity:

SBCC has long committed to serving its marginalized student population for whom access remains a challenge. EOPS and Guided Pathways are among the exceptional support services for students from the day they step onto campus until they receive their diploma. The college will continue to make their success priority.

Safety & Tolerance:

Every person who enters the campus has the right to feel safe, to be respected, and to work here without fear of intimidation or abuse. Period.